David Sutherland teaching flash techniques to Michael O'Neal.

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Wade Spradlin hard at work.

2010 class of the Newhouse School Military Visual Journalism Program


The Military Visual Journalism Program teaches active-duty military personnel photojournalism and broadcast journalism. The Military Photojournalism (MPJ) and Military Motion Media (MMM) programs consist of students from the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force. These enlisted service members have been serving as mass communication specialists, combat photographers and military journalists. They come to the Newhouse School for ten months to learn how to become better storytellers.
While at Newhouse, MPJ and MMM students earn 30 credit hours. Military students arrive in August for an intensive English and grammar refresher. Following this two-week course, students attend a one week workshop on photography before they begin classes in the regular semester.  While most classes taken by MPJ and MMM students are exclusively for the 16 students in each program, for one class each semester the students are mixed with our regular student population for communication classes.
After successfully completing the MPJ or MMM program, military personnel are usually stationed at jobs at White House TV, All Hands Magazine, Stars and Stripes, Combat Camera or become instructors at the Defense Information School. Furthermore, past students frequently receive the honor of National Press Photographers Association’s Military Photographer-of-the-Year or Military Videographer-of-the-Year  awards.


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